This (might) serve as a repository for files, links, and similar resources specific to content hosted here on this site. I think I will just embed files for examples on those post pages however.

IDEA: Performance Curve “Penny Jar”

  • Provide a couple decent, vetted performance curves with datasheets/documentation.
  • Library will be more useful and valuable over time (and therefore attract contributors faster) if there is some consistent library upkeep. Need to make an upload form with a series of required fields to enable consistent formatting. Public-facing information could include: Make, Model, PDF Datasheet from Manufacturer (ideally with the source data), Author/Contributor
  • Not sure about the conundrum of whether and how to enforce a degree of quantified curve fit/accuracy to the raw source data/measurements. I do not want to leave this unaddressed (maybe that is the right answer) but I do not want to create too high of a wall, limiting potential participatoin/submissions. Maybe require a quantified assertion/statement of accuracy in whatever terms the author/contributor determines. Acceptable examples could be as loose as “COP is within +/-0.5 of source data within the following operating conditions” or could more rigorously cite/provide full regression statistics (the guide is planned to have a chapter to provide multi-variate coefficient regressions with excel).
  • Raw data sourced from manufacturer or raw field measurements/protocol used to develop the curve(s) are likely required for a sufficiently rigorous review – need to ensure data gathered is not generating a GIGO situation, but it may simplify things to retain that data “off the shelves” to step around manufacturer concerns for sharing non-public/published IP with competitors.
  • Name/contact info for contributor will be required for submission to allow review & follow up with librarians if necessary before publishing. This information will be retained, User can list themselves as anonymous for public curve documentation, if desired – you can always change your mind later and we will have record of the original contributor to verify.
  • These are free to use any and all curves in this library, with an implicit cost for two sorts of users:
  1. If you already know how to develop and document curves, you owe the community at least one new/unique contribution with the required documentation. Put a book on the shelf and you can copy books in this library forever
  2. If you do not yet know how to develop and document curves, you can freely use this library with the promise to eventually teach yourself using the free guide provided on this site. This guide is written to help new/intermediate consumers of performance curves build a holistic skill set and knowledge foundation for developing, testing, and documenting custom equipment performance curves. Following through the examples in each of the 6 part series will result in a capstone exercise wherein you will have developed a curve from scratch. If you source your own equipment data along the way instead of using the provided materials, you will end up with a new curve ready for submission to the library.
  • Some kind of badge/recognition/certification reserved for contributors to the library. I can get a few friends with name/mentorship recognition to pitch in and kick off so there’s a group of us encouraging everyone to take this challenge as a next-step in career development. I would like to position this as something very similar to BEMP – a specific and achievable milestone other energy simulation professionals will recognize and appreciate.
  • Training Program/Course with direct instruction ($)… This could become a component necessary to build out the certification process in quick fashion, but there are some real advantages for my personal commitment/time availability to keep this fully voluntary/free, initially at least. If/when money does get involved, the whole library concept could get a lot more complicated since using others work/data to make money could invite litigation… I do not want to end up suffering the same problems of manufacturer anonymity that we have to accept with libraries published on the fuel of govt/ashrae/ibsa dollars.
  • Liability potential… The upload form/process should include language to assert this curve was generated by the submitter, so they are warranting the work is not copied. They are also asserting the curve is not proprietary IP, and on submission enters the public domain, so that their employer for example will not litigate us.